Hi, I'm Mikhail Abdillah

a Front End Engineer from Indonesia

I've learned about web development since 2015 when I was a college. Experience in the field of web development, especially front-end engineer with more than several years of experience in both national and international organizations as a Freelancer. My professional goals involve continuous professional development and personal improvement.

My Expertise:


  1. HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery
  2. React Js (Next Js Framework)
  3. PHP
  4. Node Js (Express) => Progress
  5. Mongo DB, MySQL
  6. Bootstrap, SASS, Tailwindcss, Material UI, Styled Components (Other frameworks)
  7. Typescript


  1. Gitlab/Github/Azure => Repository
  2. Basecamp/Asana/ClickUp/Jira => Project management
  3. Vercel/Netlify => Serverless
  4. Figma/XD/Lunacy/AI => Design Tools
  5. Invision/Zeplin => Visual Collaboration Platform

Working Experience

Freelance work (Front End) 2018-2019

Elisoft (Web Designer) 2020


With Love Internet (Front-End Developer) 2021

Israel (*Remote)

What I'm doing now

Updated February 20, 2022

  • Updating this blog (design and functionality)
  • Typescript utility types
  • Creating a shop/e-commerce app using Next Js see here
  • Learn Graphql, Node JS (Express)
  • JavaScript Design Patterns

My Plan in 2022

  • Improving typescript (in Advanced)
  • Learn Graphql
  • Learn Node Js (Express)
  • Learn D3. Js
  • Build Shopify themes/apps

Latest Projects



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